Research & Development

Hycons® started with its innovation and scientific approach even before the company was formally registered. The Anaerobic solution we bring to your project is experimented and stabilised not only at laboratory scale but even in commercial scale digester.

Our Process

We bring science and innovation together

We never ever get into the mode of guesswork. Every individual CBG raw material and process is taken seriously and goes through our own internal validation. Hycons® lab capability is ever increasing.

With the data from the commercial plants, data from the internal experiments, data and learning from our own commercial scale R&D, is brough together to achieve continuous improvement.

Research Based:

No random guesswork, we follow a strict cycle of scientific development.

Science & Engineering:

The proven science is implemented on engineering designs.

On field Performance:

Field knowledge & practical industrial performance is the basis of Designs.

Functional Service:

The science, design, performance & cost, together keep delivering value for a long time.

Our Values

A fool proof energy project is a result of understanding various streams of engineering. Our success rates are higher due to the fact that we understand- mechanical to microbiology, Enzymes to electricity, pulverising to purification, Crop to compression and molecules to management, in depth.


The services and products offered by Hycons® are built on a solid foundation of innovation. No product will reach you unless there is a superiority in science and engineering.


Our strength has been coordination and teamwork over time, despite the ever-increasing size of our team. Freedom, empowerment, and maintaining a flat organization demonstrate teamwork.

Long term Performance

Any undertaking or task taken up by Hycon® is dependable. The design quality and choice of equipment depends on long haul vision.


Our commitments are consistent with our promise, with a method driven approach, our commitments are made to be kept. Rely on us with utmost certainty.


Regardless of the financial budget, we pursue greatness. From your initial enquiry till the Lifecycle of the project, the clients are presented with the best among the available solutions.


Passion drives the commitment at Hycons®. We are into Biomass based sustainable energy, out of our passion & commitment. Satisfaction of doing a good job is what brings us that daily dose of motivation.