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Hycons is a the name derived from Hydrocarbons!. We are a go green initiative stared in 2011 as a small firm. Hycons got promoted as Private Limited Company in 2019. The technocrat driven company developed a path breaking technology of using selected microbes along with superior digester design to produce highest volume of biogas in shortest possible time. Hycons is using grass and energy crops first of its kind in India to produce bioCNG.

Now Hycons is a group, with Hycons Renewable Pvt Ltd and Hycons Bioenergy Pvt Ltd. It has own Compressed Biogas production units and also helps others to establish and run their own units.

Over the years with continuous research and design efforts we have mastered:

  • Speciality selected microbe for complete digestion of the waste
  • End to end own design at reduced cost and increased production
  • Trusted by Oil marketing companies

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The BioCNG is a short name for Natural gas derived our of bio degradable wastes, it is also called compressed biogas or renewable natural gas. This is exactly same as the CNG derived from coal mines and petroleum wells.

The process is simple to understand and naturally occurring. As soon as the material starts to degrade it inevitably emit methane. Methane cases 4x more global warming than the carbon dioxide, hence it make sense to capture and utilise as a fuel. Anaerobic digestion process taking place in digesters enable us to capture the methane for a good use.

Hycons tried and tested purification systems running on molecular sieve based technology separates all unwanted gases from the biogas and make it a vehicle friendly fuel.

Methane is a cleanest known fuel so far.


Hycons loves to interact with customers, suppliers and people with curiosity about us. Please get in touch.

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Hycons, # 32/2, Solur, Anekal Taluk, Bengalure 562106, KA, India

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