Shashi Hegde


A multi-disciplined engineer by profession and machine designer by passion, worked on agri mechanisation for betterment of farming community before taking up a lead role in BioCNG production. He well trained Designer for purification systems for biogas upgrading & plant design. This vivid networker looks after engineering and marketing at Hycons

Rajiv HS

Rajiv contributed at consulting roles at senior positions. With keen interest in social entrepreneurship and finance, he is a team player. He drives strategically important initiatives, looks after commercial & financial health, and acts are caretaker of customer interest in our business proposals.

Suresh Patil

Suresh is the person who brought first seedlings of Hybrid Napier Grass to India 10 years back. This alone says it all about his vision and passion. Suresh works out of his office at Pune, helping our customers in central part of India. He is a farmer, farm technology innovator. With 12 types of Napier grass at his own farms, he is the best person available in the country to help and guide growing commercial crops. Apart from agriculture he is a civil contractor and designer.

Shashidhar H

A proud player in Hycons, Shashidhar is a trained National level Volleyball player. A hardcore networker with keen interest in communicating with customers and industry participants. His genuine interest in helping people known to him make him a natural project manager.

Raveendra Hegde

Raveendra is a technocrat and explorer. He looks after the Information technology infrastructure along with all its bells and devices. Ravi’s contribution has been to keep up the seamless communication and data sharing across many work locations and people.