BioCNG/CBG EPC Contract

BioCNG is the methane gas, instead of mining it is produced by fermenting the biodegradable materials, then purified to meet the same international norms of the CNG.

Hycons uses agri waste/biomass and grass/Napier Grass grown on barren lands. They lock carbon and produce oxygen during growth before becoming the cleanest know fuel. On the journey they triple farm income.
A CNG saves upto 35% on the fuel with higher mileage and lower cost. The unit cost of CNG is much lesser than LPG, petrol or diesel. Similar fuel and carbon savings happen with the kitchens and Industries. This make the BioCNG an ultimate choice for energy needs.

BioCNG is also called CBG – the Compressed Bio gas. It gets called with various names across the world, other popular names being BioMethane in Europe and RNG – Renewable natural Gas in Americas

Carbon & Pollutant Emission Comparator

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Products of a combustion reaction (oxides)
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Nitrogen Oxides (Nox) - -
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Sulfur oxides (SOx) - -
Carbon Monoxide - -
Aromatic Hydrocarbons - -
CO2 Absorbed - -
CO2 kg per day -
Nitrogen Oxides (Nox) -
Particulate Matter -
Sulfur oxides (SOx) -
Carbon Monoxide -
Aromatic Hydrocarbons -
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CO2/Year -
Pollutants/Year -

Biogas as produced is only 50-65% pure, it has several other gases mainly carbon dioxide and Hydrogen Sulphide. Refining or purification is an art. We have to find ways to get highest purity and least or no Methane in the process.

Hycons with its partner Stut Instruments purifiers use the Positive and negative pressure in tandem in a molecular sieve filled system. This is also called pressure swing adsorption. Years of trial and refinement to the design, resulting in best efficiency and longer sieve replenishment intervals. Least CO2 and H2S escape the quality stream and come out as pure fuel for the vehicle.

We use our own systems and we also supply to others, contact us for cost effective and low maintenance CNG purification needs.



For our own use or for our customers, a seamless supply chain and controlled process gives predictable output. Our home designed online monitoring system is an end-to-end plant monitoring solution. It can integrate from grass fields to CNG consumption. It gives both quality and quantity-based parameters continuously on web and mobile based network. Engineers and employees of Hycons are thus empowered to take the decisions from wherever they are and maintain the health of the process and the supplies 24x7.

For the purpose we have tied up with world renowned sensor and controller manufactures. To automate your current BioCNG plant contact us.

Hycons uses the compressors from world renowned companies.
Hycons commitment towards entire gas based ecosystem than just our own plants, we see our self as catalyst of success for every BioCNG entrepreneurs in India.

We are working on high efficiency compressors and CNG dispensers to make the CBG plants more efficient.